Thursday, March 29, 2012

03/29/2011 Third Annual Alumni Reunion

Hello All,
Hope the winter has treated you well. We are currently planning our Spring and Summer events for our Alumni Association. On the drawing board is our Third Annual Alumni Reunion tentatively planned for early June and the possibility of another alumni "outing" for late August. We'd love to hear from you, if you have any ideas for our next event...i.e. location, event type, etc. Please feel free to respond to this post. Look forward to hearing from you!!  
Chi Once!  
Your Alumni Association
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

06/07/2011 Second Annual Alumni Reunion

Dear Sigma Theta Chi Alumni,

The Alumni Association would like to send out a big thank you to all the attendees of the reunion this past Saturday. It was a very successful outing of catching up with old friends, make new ones and sharing some war stories along the way. Events such as these is what will help reconnect and grow our alumni association. As per everyone's request we are planning another similar get together later on in the summer to say good by to summer and hello to hopefully new faces!

Thank again to everyone and CHI ONCE!

Stefano Gaetano

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

05/17/2011 THREE WEEKS LEFT till the Second Annual Chi Alumni Reunion JUNE 4th 2011

Hope your all excited to see fellow brothers from years past.

Bar-A will be providing DJ entertainment and as much BBQ food as you can eat. Drink Specials will be available so come prepared to have yourself a great time...

Entry: $10.00

Time: 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM

There are several hotels/motels/Holiday Inns (lol) in the area and judging form the performance of several of last years attendees it would be extremely beneficial to book one for the night. Recommend Belmar Inn, Belmar Motor lodge Or The Mayfair Hotel. Message me for additional details

***NOTE*** If your an active brother or near the age of 21 bring two forms of ID with a picture, Bar-A is notorious for turning away any suspect ID's. It would be a shame to miss the fun simply because your stupid..(JK) but it would be a shame...***NOTE***


Any questions just call.
Chi Once!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

04/17/2011 Upcoming May Meeting

Hello Gentlemen,

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, May 12th at 8pm is the date of our next Alumni Association meeting. All members are invited to attend and we encourage all of you to do so. Attending meetings are the most efficient and productive way to have your ideas become reality. 

Alumni Committee Meeting 15
Date: 05/12/2011 Time: 8 PM
Location: 821 Jersey Ave. Elizabeth, NJ

We are currently in our "busy season" with several exciting events coming up. YOU can be a part of the decision making of how these events will take place. Please come and voice your opinion to help further our organization.

Topics to be covered:
  1. 2011 Scholarship Award & Annual Induction Dinner
  2. Event A (tba within weeks)
  3. Second Annual Alumni Reunion - June 4, 2011 Bar Anticipation Lake Como, NJ
  4. Summer Boat Fundraiser (Late July - August)
If you would like to attend or have any ideas or questions please email us a or contact any officers directly. All officer email addresses are listed at the following link

Look forward to hearing from you!
Chi Once!

Friday, April 8, 2011

04/02/2011 Meeting Agenda, Minutes & Financials

Hello All,

One of the most important aspects of any relationship is trust; we realize this and keep this in mind when serving our membership - Alumni E-Board

 What we are referring to when we speak of trust is the opportunity to know what goes on "behind the scenes", we want to give all members the opportunity to see into the inner workings of  our alumni association. This way you can better prepare for future events. The better informed you are the more motivated you'll be when a event of interest comes up.

The first of three options to help our member is the new online meeting archives. We plan to stream all upcoming meeting live at and make archives available for review. This will give each of you eyes into the inner working of the alumni association.

A second option and also extremely important, each month we publish our financial statements online in a secure, password protected page for all members to view. We do this to give you the opportunity to see how all of our funds are collected and spent in order to operate the alumni association. This is our safety net to make sure all money is spent prudently.

One the easily overlooked ideas, but very simple tool that you will find useful at keeping you informed is that all meeting agenda's and meeting minutes are posted online as well. These documents offer our members the ability to keep up to date on activities and future events even when their schedules restrict them from attending. Why do this? Chi is truly an organization owned by its membership. “It is what we put into it” and it only continues to exist because of the efforts of the brotherhood that supports it. We encourage all of you to offer your experiences to help further our organization.

We do all of this to provoke interest and encourage involvement, this will truly help grow our organization and help to create a more diverse group of professional involvement. For more information on how you can help out or if you would like to attend our next alumni meeting on May 12th, 2011 please contact us at

Agendas & Minutes:
Financial Statements:

Chi Once!
Your Alumni Executive Board
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

03/29/2011 MDA Summer Camp Volunteers needed

Dear Alumni & Active Brothers,

I thought I would pass on some interesting information. If any of you are looking to bulk up your resume (all you teachers) or just want to help out at the MDA summer camp this August let me know…

If you know some people that would be interested.  We are in need of MALE counselors this year, simply because our male campers, ages 10+ need to be paired with only male counselors.  

Our camp takes place on Saturday, August 20th - Friday, August 26th at Camp Visions in Spring Valley, NY.  It’s a week long, sleep away camp and all counselors are 100% volunteer, so there will be no compensation.  They would need to stay the entire week and care for a child with a disability.  This person would need to basically be the arms and legs of this child and each child is different.  There are some campers that have severe needs, while others are still able to walk and function normally.  In some cases, a counselor can be paired with a camper and they may have to feed, bathe, toilet and possibly turn them in the middle of the night.  It’s a great experience and these counselors feel ‘different’ after they leave camp.  It’s exhausting, both physically and mentally, but the feeling they will have once they leave is something that they will take with them forever.  

I’ve attached a fact sheet to give a little more insight regarding this volunteer opportunity.  Each person interested would need to come into my office for a face to face interview, fill out an application, and we need to conduct a background check.

Any way that you can help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Muscular Dystrophy Association